So guys, we’re still on the case of the Port-Harcourt based Pastor David Ibiyeomie, who threatened to kill Daddy Freeze if he doesn’t desist from insulting Bishop Oyedepo.

Last night by 10PM, Daddy Freeze dropped a video on his Youtube channel in response to the alleged death threat and below are my observations.

I tried as much as I can to watch the video over and over again; so that I can judge rightly without sentiment.

And my observations while and after watching the video is,👇

Daddy freeze is seeking for cheap empathy and sadly from “Busy Nigerians” who ain’t ready for anything else at the moment than BBNaija.

Daddy Freeze of all people was shivering and begging for his life. Karma is a b*tch in deed.

Sue David Ibiyeomie over his words against you. Don’t drag us into it..we are still dragging President Buhari for the hike in fuel ,food, electricity, southern Kaduna and Enugu killing(s).

Daddy Freeze you’re a bloody hypocrite. Yes you are! You sat and merry with Hushpuppi an international Scammer to undermine other people’s legitimate hustles. You saw nothing wrong with it. When asked, you told us to mind our business. Hunkle, we are still minding our business..try to mind yours too.

Why is it only pastors and Christians you criticize? Why don’t you try it with Muslims and watch your head roll on the floor the next minute. Why haven’t you for a day criticize politicians and your criminal friend Hushpuppi?

Freeze be calming down small small. David Ibiyeomie fit do u strong tin and nothing will happen to him. This is Nigeria, a lawless country. Just be careful.

If you want us to stand by you, then balance your criticisms. Add Politicians to your list as well. Stop been partial and biased.

You said your duty is to counter and correct wrong doctrines and teachings from men of God. That’s funny and crazy.

Mr Freeze you don’t have to wait for men of God to teach before you counter or disagree with their teachings. Why not focus on yours (the true gospel) and stop dragging others?

You don’t have to wait for Bishop David Oyedepo to preach before showcasing your smartness and intelligence. You all are into same Church business, so stop demeaning your fellow businessmen.

You only speak against Churches whereas our government are killings us everyday. Balance your criticisms if you’re truly fighting for the betterment of Nigerians and not for you selfish interest. Of course you’re fighting for your stomach, we all know.

Freeze you have been insulting Bishop David Oyedepo for a very long time, even during Shiloh last year you insulted him, make morcery of his teachings and testimonies, called him a liar and all that.

Now you are seeking empathy from Nigerians, asking for protection the police because you got your own piece of gbas gbos you have been giving to others.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie said all he said out of anger. No one will keep quiet seeing someone insulting his father all the time. Daddy freeze should coordinate his own personal Church and leave Bishop David Oyedepo and other Nigerian Pastors alone.

Oyedepo is not his mate! That man is old enough to be Daddy Freeze grandfather, but he kept on insulting the old man. Now he is lying..said it wasn’t an insult but correcting.

Hypocritical Daddy Freeze cannot keep his family in order, but he will come online and be insulting those that are better than him. A man that cannot organize his family for peace to reign. Everyday quarrel and fight till his wife filed for a divorce. Maybe he thought we have forgotten. Funny man!

Like I said yesterday, the words Pastor David Ibiyeomie used on Freeze is wrong. He should retract them and apologize. Not necessarily to Daddy Freeze but to the general public and his Church members all over the world.

I have said mine o. What’s your take on this?

Drop comment below 👇


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