Do you know that Sunday Osakuni popularly known as StereoMan that sang “Sample Ekwe & E Dey Pain Me” plus other crazy songs those days, doesn’t smoke weed nor cigarette?

 E shock you abi. Meanwhile so many youths smoked away their lives with his songs.

Naira Marley dey learn work for craze wia StereoMan dey those days. But it’s a fact! He doesn’t smoke at all

Be careful of things you do because you thought others are doing it. In reality, they might not be doing it!

But Where Is He Now?

Alot has happened to his personal life and music career after the death of his Ex-girlfriend and baby mama. He was accused of murder but fortunately scaled through.

However, since then his musical career died off. So sad.🤦 He made life fun for kids those days. Well, we wish him the best wherever he is right now.


Were You Surprised That StereoMan Doesn’t Smoke Weed nor Cigarette?

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