Gang leader of the famous DMW label, Davido took pride to announce the coming of what might be the biggest concert in the diary of Detty December 2020.

Thoughts of DMW Live in Concert must have crossed your mind while it’s been in the works and seemed impossible due to unforeseen reasons as stated by Davido.

Let’s just say the delay afforded the gang ample time to enlarge their coast, gather forces and kick into beast mode.

With or without exaggeration, the coming together of the whole DMW gang on the big stage this season will definitely pull a massive effect. Then you can only get there to tell how it went down.

Each and every artist in the label has contributed to the sizzling hot 2020 playlist, wrapping the year up with a concert will be an overall return effort.

The anticipation level has started to rise as soon as the news bomb dropped that the event will hold at the Eko Hotel on the 28th of December.

The joules of energy people have tied their expectations to come from this gig is immeasurable and it is not too much to ask for. That is what they are known for.

Unfortunately, all the excitement people felt towards the gig just got cut short as Davido announces that DMW Live in Concert has been cancelled. 

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