A resident of Ƙankara community has claimed that the kidnap of 333 students of Government Science Secondary School, Ƙankara was a revenge for the attack on Fulani bandits by vigilantes of the town.

Speaking to Channels TV anonymously, the resident said vigilantes had attacked the bandits in their den, burnt their homesteads and also killed some.

The attack was in itself a reaction to a previous attack by the bandits on Yar-Kuka Village, where some villagers were killed and some abducted.

Said the resident: “There is something people are yet to know; before the recent abduction of Ƙankara Secondary School students, the bandits had on Wednesday attacked ‘Yar-Kuka village and killed 12 people and abducted an unspecified number of people in the village.

“On Thursday, vigilante group mobilised and went after the bandits in their hideouts and engaged in burning down the Fulani houses, injuring and killing some of them,” the resident said.

According to him, the bandits gathered the students in a place and took them to Pauwa village where they had parked their motorcycles.

The abduction of the schoolboys happened the same day President Muhammadu Buhari arrived Daura, his hometown to begin a weeklong private visit.


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