Deborah Okezie, mother of Don Davis, the boy who was allegedly molested by some students of the Deeper Life High school in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom, has reacted on Saturday January 2nd, to several reports that claim she is demanding for N100m as compensation for the inhumane acts performed on her child at school.

Deborah while giving updates on the matter in a lengthy video, confirmed that lawyers from Eagle-Eyes Network Chambers are representing her, however, she did not tell them to make the demand of N100m that was contained in the letter her solicitor addressed to the Principal of the School, titled “Gross Child abuse, palpable molestation, serial bullying, criminal starvation, malicious oppression, and dubious maltreatment of master Don-Davies Archibong (11 years old) by the Principal and Boarding Master, of Deeper Life Secondary School, Uyo.”

While distancing herself from the compensation, she said her lawyers may think the demand is a way of finding justice.

“Thank you Nigerians, I’ve not demanded for any N100m, maybe that’s the way the Lawyer knows how to go about it, but I dint open my mouth to make such demand”, she said.

She further disclosed what she told the lawyers, before they wrote the school, adding that she only requested for justice for her son.

“Before God and his elect, I’ve not told any lawyer to go and collect N100m,

“All I told lawyer is that I want justice for Don Davis, if justice is that way they are doing it, I don’t know,

“I’m not the type that will eat and deny that she has eaten, I’ve not told any Lawyer to go and collect N100m, I’m an Igbo woman and if I’m asked to place charge I know what to place,

“It is not about coming to ask for N100m, if you ask me to demand for damages, I know what to ask for.” She said.

Speaking further on her financial status, she revealed that she’s not hungry for money, since she is not lazy and she’s a good businesswoman that is capable of monetizing almost any venture, so no threat can wreck her financially.

In another section of the video, she also reiterated on why she prefers to get justice than to collect N100m;

“Before you write rubbish about me try to get fact, I’m not a lazy woman, if you ask me to place charges, I’ll not call N100m, I know worth of money,

“If Kumuyi was to be molested, he will not be who he is today, I know Kumuyi is worth billions of naira but I will not sell my child, I want justice for my son.” She said.

She finally asked Nigerians to disregard reports of her demanding for compensation, despite acknowledging her lawyers and insinuating that their demand for compensation may be their preferred actions on the matter.

“If you see any nonsense post about demands, remember that I, Deborah, wants justice for Don Davis, justice for other children.

“If there’s anything lawyer writes and you people see that is not good, tell me, I’m a market woman, I don’t know everything.

“All I want is justice for Don Davis, I’ve not made demand for N100m, If I’m to make demand for money, my request will shake Kumuyi’s head”. She said.

We culled several sections addressing the alleged demands for N100m compensation from her reactions, watch below;


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