The Kano State Hisbah Board has banned the use of mannequins to display clothes by tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners in the state.

Hisbah Commander-in-Chief, Ustaz Harun Muhammad Sani Ibn Sina, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday.

According to him, mannequins used by tailors, boutique owners, and for commercials violates Islamic provisions and teachings.

He also states that the agency would start the sensitization of the people to educate them on how Islam frowns on the use of the mannequins.

Also there would be a monitoring and implementation of the ban as offenders will be apprehended and prosecuted by the agency.

”Hisbah prohibits the use of mannequins at shops, commercial and private residences and other public places. This violates Islamic provisions, it is also responsible for immoral thoughts among some members of the public, all these are against Islam.

We have divided Kano into five areas for the monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state.”

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